Technical documents

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Strategic Outline Case (SOC)

This document includes an assessment of the flooding or erosion problem, defines the investment objectives, and culminates with an early indication of the types of FCERM (Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management) measures that may be suitable and achievable.

Hirael Bay wave assessment

Mott MacDonald have been commissioned to undertake a Strategic Outline Case (SOC) to identify whether a change in the management of flood risk at Hirael is required. This report describes wave modelling and overtopping calculations undertaken to estimate the coastal flooding at Hirael for the present day and the scenarios presented in the SOC.

Initial Environment Appraisal 

An introductory environmental document containing observations of potential environmental issues, and recommendations. It also appraises the need for additional environmental investigations such as EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment.

The full list of considered options

This document outlines the full list of options that YGC and Mott MacDonald have considered during the project’s initial phases.

Western Wales Flood Risk Management Plan

This document prompted action on Hirael’s future flooding issues. It identified that the area had a significant population who were at risk, and recommended a full investigation into flood defence viability.

National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Plan 

A guidance and informative document outlining how the Welsh Government intends to tackle to ongoing issue of flooding and coastal erosion, and sets out a homogenised set of rules for all contractors to follow.

Landscape and Visual Appraisal

This document considers the aesthetic impacts of the various options within the scheme, the local environmental bodies and areas, and the current legislation.

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

This document provides details on what ecological mitigation measures are required to safeguard biodiversity on site, and outlines the level of ecological surveying that is required for this level of scheme.

Hirael flood prevention scheme

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