September 11th, 2023

Advance notice of next phase of works:

Progress to date

Extensive progress has been made on the scheme in the Glandwr Road area, and work has commenced and is progressing well around the Welsh Water pumping station.

    Next phase

    The next phase of our work involves the preparation of the promenade for the construction of the flood wall running from the pumping station to Beach Road East car park. The first phase of this work will involve the installation of steel sheet piles.

      Sheet piling disruption

      The sheet piling work is likely to cause significant noise distruption, and we would like to thank the community for its understanding while this essential piece of work is carried out. The work will also cause noticable vibration, but none that will damage any property. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you or your business.



      The sheet piling will commence on Monday, 18th September and is scheduled for completion in early December. Working hours will be from 8am until 6pm Mondays to Fridays, and – only if it is essential to work weekends – 8am until 12:30 pm on Saturdays. Please note that Saturday working is not currently envisaged. 


      Queries and concerns

      Should you have any enquiries regarding the project then please get in touch via the contact details below:


      Phone: 03300 412 185

      Site clearance taking place next to the Welsh Water pumping station

      August 2023

      Construction progress:

      DCWW Pumping station

      • Construction of a temporary access track
      • Flood wall excavation and the placement of bindings

      Glandwr Road

      • Construction of the retaining wall and slab
      • Construction of the flood wall base and the main wall
      • Backfilling

      Beach Road East and promenade

      • Excavation and placement of sewer protection slab
      • Removal of tank traps and stripping of topsoil
      • Advance piling work preparation

      Work being carried out to construct and lay the foundations of the raised road section of Glandwr Road

      July 2023

      Construction progress:

      DCWW Pumping station

      • Site clearance carried out
      • Working area marked out

      Glandwr Road

      • Strip footing foundation concreted
      • Reinforcement works ongoing on both walls
      • One base poured on flood wall
      • Manhole has been constructed
      • Formwork ongoing

      Beach Road East

      • Protection slab works to commence

      Work being carried out to install a section of wall near the slate waste near Glandwr Road

      June 2023

      Construction progress:


      • Site compound has been established and fencing put in place around all work areas.
      • CCTV surveys of existing draiange network
      • Site clearance of street furniture along promenade
      • Site inspections post-setup undertaken

      Glandwr Road

      • Work area established
      • Site clearance undertaken
      • Excavated and prepared foundations

      Beach Road East

      • Topsoil strip being supervised by archaeologist
      • Access to works area established

      June 14th, 2023

      Opening of the old iron gates 

      Following consultation, we have organised for the old iron gates opposite the national tyres garage to be opened to improve public access to the King George V playing field. These gates will remain open for the entirety of the scheme, and will allow the public to access the promenade until the promenade is closed for sheet piling works later this year.    

      June 5th, 2023

      Griffiths to commence work on site 

      Griffiths will be establishing their construction site compound within Beach Road East Car Park today (June 5th). They will be occupying the car park for the duration of the scheme which is expected to last until late Spring, 2024. Gwynedd Council and Griffiths apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. 

      Beach Road West car park will remain open for free public use. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact Griffiths using the contact details below.                                              

      Email:              Phone:  0330 041 2815    

      April 2023

      Principal building contractor appointed 

      Griffiths Contractors have been appointed to carry out the construction of the flood alleviation scheme.

      YGC have successfully collaborated with Griffiths on many civil engineering projects in the past such as the recently completed Abergwyngregyn to Tai’r Meibion A55 improvement scheme, the Pont Bodfel bridge replacement near Pwllheli (pictured on the left), and the A487 Dolgau shared use path in Ceredigion. 

      The scheme’s construction is aiming to commence in late May to early June, and conclude in late spring, 2024. More information on Griffiths can be found below:

      March 2023

      Tree and shrub felling

      As part of the preparatory ground works for the construction phase, it is with regret that a small number of small trees and shrubs will need to be removed to make way for the scheme. This is advance work in order to minimise the risk of distrubing nesting birds later on. Two small pine trees including a Leylandii will be felled. As part of the project, the trees will be replaced with native species, and we remain comitted to planting two trees for every tree felled. 

      January 23rd 2023

      Results of the second public consultation

      Follwoing our second round of public consultation in October 2022, we’ve composed a document outlining our findings. The comments and feedback we recieved were passed on to the detailed designers. Have a look at the report below:

      January 18th 2023

      The scheme goes to tender

      The detailed design phase of the project is wrapping up, and now we are inviting building contractors to bid for the build-phase. Potential contractors have until the 24th of February to prepare their bids for review. Take a look below:

      October 5th 2022

      Public drop-in session

      Following the drop in session, several members of the public wished to fill out our questionnaire online. The button to fill it out is below.

      The questionnaire’s results will be collected on the 24th of October, and will be shared with our detailed designers.

      October 5th 2022

      Public drop-in session

      On the 5th of October, representatives from YGC undertook a public drop-in session at the Crosville club which was attended by approximately 40 members of the public. This was a great oppotunity for us to gague the public’s feelings towards the project, what they feel should be delivered, and things which they have concerns over.

      Overall, there was a very positive attitude towards the development of the scheme, with many looking forward to seeing the Hirael promenade being tidied up and improved.

      There were several notable concerns raised, which we have taken onboard and will take back to the detailed designers. Principally, there were concers over being able to see over the new wall, leading to the conclusion that the need for a split-level promenade is essential. Other concerns included the impact of lighting on wildlife, and the need to include as much cultural and historical information as is practical as part of the scheme. 

      October 5th 2022

      Public drop-in session

      On the 5th of October, representatives from YGC will be setting up a short drop-in session in the Crosville social club in Hirael between 15:00 and 18:00. All are welcome to drop by and ask questions about the scheme, and to have a look at the latest plans for the area.

      We will also be sharing what additional aspects we’re hoping to deliver as part of the scheme such as improved cycling infrastructure, more seating, and visual enhancements.

      We welcome any comments you may have, and will take your comments back to the detailed designers.

      July 15th 2022

      On-site public engagement meeting

      On the 15th of July, representatives from YGC will be setting up a short drop-in session on the frontage in Hirael between 12:00 and 13:00. All are welcome to drop by and ask questions about the scheme, and to have a look at the latest plans for the area.

      June 2022

      Planning application approval

      The first half of 2022 has been a busy one for the scheme. The detailed design of the scheme is well underway, and lots of work is being done surrounding the additional benefits the scheme could bring following public feedback. In the meantime, the scheme has been granted full planning permission, and our marine license has also been approved which are important milestones for any civil engineering scheme.

      February 21st 2022

      Storm Eunice update

      Storm Eunice brought widespread coastal and inland flooding, and wind damage to large parts of the U.K. on the 18th of February, and NRW issued a flood alert for the Hirael area due to anticipated high tide. Thankfully, the storm passed Hirael without indicent due to the storm’s wind direction, and the high tide not coinciding with the highest wind speeds. Despite this, sandbags have been placed across the slipway in front of the Nelson pub as a precaution, with more stormy weather forecasted for the week ahead. 

      December 9th 2021

      Planning and marine license applications submitted

      Following a period of hard work from the team, all the relavent documents pertaining to the planning and marine license aspects of the scheme have been pulled together and submitted to Gwynedd Council. For details and to view the documents, click the button below.

      November 26th 2021

      Green transport feasibility study

      A feasability study is currently underway to invesigate the improvement of pedestrian and bicycle links between Hirael’s promenade and Lon Las Ogwen in Porth Penrhyn. A decision on whether to proceed with this aspect of the wider scheme will be made depending on the outcomes of this study. This is not exclusively part of the flood alleviation scheme project, but it is hoped that they can be intergrated. 

      November 17th 2021

      Conclusion of ground investigations

      The second phase of ground investigations at the site are now complete. As part of these investigations, the previously sheer drop to the water adjacent to the entrance to Beach Road East car park has been replaced with aggregate. It has been tipped and shaped at the location of the slipway to allow temporary access onto the beach for the excavator. It has been left in place to improve the beach access temporarily. 

      November 1st 2021

      Further ground investigations

      As part of the design work for the flood defences, further ground investigation works are currently being undertaken close to the King George Playing Fields in Hirael. The work will involve drilling additional boreholes as well as excavating trial-pits on the foreshore. The information collected will be used in the design of the foundations of the flood defences. Hopefully the work will have a minimal affect on local residents, but please contact us if you have any queries or questions.

      July 2021

      Selection of a detailed design contractor

      Following the tender process, we are delighted to announce that AECOM will be undertaking the deailed design of the scheme. Further details will follow as this element of the scheme gets underway.

      Click the link below to visit their website

      June 29th 2021

      Publication of the public consultation report 

      Following the public consultation period from March 26th to May 9th, a reort has been put together detailing your responses to the questionnaire, and other enquiries we recieved regarding the project.

      Click the link below to read the report

      June 22nd 2021

      Work goes out to tender

      The bidding process has oficially begun where design consultants will put forward their plans to fulfil the requirements of the scheme.  

      For further detail, click the link below

      May 2021

      Concept drawing in response to the public consultation

      Following the extensive comments we recieved from the pulbic consultation, YGC have produced a concept drawing outlining how some of the suggestions put forward could be intergrated into the scheme. The plan includes the creation of information boards, benches, community art installations, disabled access to the field, spaces for plants and flowers, areas for catering services and outdoor exercise areas.


      Please note that this plan is subject to change as the scheme moves forward. 

      29th January 2021

      Ground investiagtions get underway

      The first few boreholes have been drilled along the promenade at Hirael this week. Some minor changes to the location of the boreholes have been made in order to maintain safe public access to the promenade. 


      Please contact us if you have any concerns or queries. 

      20th January 2021

      Ground investiagtions to begin

      Our drilling contractors will begin ground investigations from the 25th of January to the 31st of March. These essenstial works are being carried out to establish the the ground conditions on which the new defences will be built, and will assist engineers in designing the wall’s foundations.

      This will bring some (mostly sound) disruption to the community for short periods during the work, and will involve temporary closures of seafront footpaths. For a short time, there will be no through access to ‘Y Bae’ via Glandwr Road.


      Please contact us if you have any concerns or queries. 

      December 2020

      Release of the Hirael Flood Risk SOC

      As 2020 draws to a close, the Hirael scheme carries on with the release of the Strategic Outline Case. This document sets out the initial stages of project development, and outlines the need for the project. It is also a major stepping stone in securing Welsh Government funding for the scheme.

      Hirael flood prevention scheme

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